I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1981. I grew up in the middle of an unstructured and broken family of those that abound in my country. I've been raised in a house where problems were always there as well as books, art, music and social fights (ironically the pictures were very rare). Later I meandered through many streets and houses all over Europe for some years until photographic curiosity took me back to formal education.

My professional work as photographer has been geared towards social subjects that promote ideas of justice, solidarity, tolerance and education. I'm not looking to carry on a militant work, I just aim for the camera to be a coherent extension of a wider vision and assume the responsabilities we have towards the complexities of our time and its actors.

Parallel to my photographic work I have been developping a teaching career mainly with Foundry Photojournalism Workshops where I have been working as assistant and instructor in Argentina, Bosnia I Herzegovina and Guatemala. I have been part of photography workshops and participatory ataliers in Haiti, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia or Norway, where I have been invited to participate in an international forum about photojournalism and freedom of speech in Venezuela.

As photographer I have been working in different contexts such as separatist struggle in Kashmir region, post-earthquake Haiti, counter-cultural movements in Cuba.

My work has been exhibited in Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Cambodia, USA, Italy, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba and has been internationally published in Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Marianne, Time Magazine, Time Lightbox, University of Iowa, LFI-Leica Mag, M-Leica Mag, Days Japan, New Scientist, among other publications, some of them aiming to innovate on the way photography is shared, like Me-Mo interactive Ipad application or #Dysturb that paste big format pictures on the streets.

Recently my coverage of Venezuelan socio-political and moral fractures was recognized in Picture of the Year Latin America 2015 by recieving the second prize in Mobil Phone Photography and the first place in Propaganda category.

I'm a 2014 Magnum Emergency Fund grantee given by Magnum Foundation to continue my long term project "Our War - Our Pain" about violence in Venezuela. In that period I've been selected to takeover the New Yorker Instagram feed, being the first Latin American to participate with them. I've been as well alumno of Eddie Adams Workshop XXVI where I was awarded the Tim Hetherington Special Award.

Inside the subject of violence in my home country I've been working with many aspects of it trying to bring an in-depth perspective on its impact on civil life. I've been closely following security forces, government supported para-militias, street gangs and jails maifias that are today taking the control of the cities in order to get a deep understanding of the most hidden manifestations of violence and its relation with the political scene and daily lives of Venezuela's inhabitants.