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A photobook about life in prison, change, dreams, the Free Convict Hip Hop Collective and their journey from incarceration to freedom in Venezuela. 

Through photography, documents, interventions, collages and collaborative work this book aims to interconnect the dots of childhood, adolescence, education, exclusion, family, the nocive mirage of power and aggressive masculinity and the reality of fast death or hard work for self redemption. And how these young men living in a system that sees them as a lost cause, and with all the odds against, built and developed their own plan for reinsertion.

- One and Four Color printing. Black and White and Color Images.

- Size: 17x24 cm (6.69x9.45 in aprox.)

- Hard cover.

- Printed endpapers.

- Sewn.

Book 1* (CONVICT)= Book inside the prison.

Bristol 125gr paper.

210 pages aprox. with 8 unfoldable pages, 1 extractable double page, 1 sticker 8x10 cm. 

1 Insert 17x24 cm in Bristol 

1 Insert 8x10 cm size in newspaper paper 125gr paper.

* This book is stuck to the hard cover to give it easier and more solid handling.

Book 2* (FREE)= Book outside of the prison.

Eco Paper of 90gr.

110 pages aprox with 6 unfoldable pages, 1 insert and 1 sticker.

* This book can be extracted from the main body.

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